Homes «Passivhaus» in St. Coloma de Farners

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    ICONO 4

    Space and comfort

    Being built under the «Passivhaus», the houses have maximum comfort inside, making their stay much more comfortable and pleasant for users. 

    ICONO 17

    Energy saving

    By efficiently harnessing the sun’s energy, «Passivhaus» houses reduce the need for energy, as they can keep the temperature stable through the day. This way, you will save a lot on your electricity bills.

    «Passivhaus» certification

    Built under the «Passivhaus» Standard, provided by the Passivhaus Institute, certifying that homes have sustainability requirements, such as thermal insulation, indoor air quality, airtightness and the use of energy from the sun.

    ICONO 12

    Good location

    Localització inmillorable a la capital de Comarca de «La Selva». Serveis bàsics a prop de l’habitatge i molt bona conexxió. A només 25km del centre de Girona, així podràs gaudir també dels avantatges de la gran ciutat.

    Unbeatable location in the regional capital of «La Selva». Basic services near the house and very good connection. Just 25km from the center of Girona, you can also enjoy the advantages of the big city.